Professional inventor and manufacture of Battery LED Lighting products

  • 2017

    The Hybrid version of work light and the universal transfer adaptor that can make our light work with different tools battery will come true and show it at the coming HK lighting Fair very soon. PLS pay your close attation to LUCOH new design and new products.

  • 2016.10

    show the new design of mini heavy duty work light-eye light

  • 2015.10

    show the new version at the HK lighting Fair.

  • 2014.10

    show the new version at the HK lighting Fair.

  • 2013.4

    considering the price competition from the market.Start to design the battery detachable floodlight.

  • 2011.10

    fixed version- The first generation of the floodlight come true.

  • 2011.6

    the LED floodlight is more and more popular in the market.The marketing research showed that there are no professional manufacturer of Rechargeable high power LED light.We plan to move forward with the rechargeable LED floodlight.