​Definition of xenon hunting lights

Update:12 Nov 2018

Xenon lamps can be called heavy metal lamps or xenon la […]

Xenon lamps can be called heavy metal lamps or xenon lamps. Its principle is to fill a variety of chemical gases in UV-cut UV-resistant quartz glass tubes, most of which are Xenon and iodide, and then pass through the booster (Ballast). The dc voltage of volts is instantaneously boosted to a voltage of 23,000 volts, and the helium electrons in the quartz tube are excited by the high-voltage amplitude to generate a light source between the two electrodes. This is called gas discharge. The white super-strong arc light produced by helium can increase the color temperature value of the light, similar to the white sun light. The current required for HID operation is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of the traditional halogen bulb, and the service life is longer than the traditional one. Halogen bulbs are 10 times longer.

HID Xenon hunting lights are generally composed of xenon bulbs, electronic ballasts (also called ballasts, voltage regulators, etc.), hand-held casings, metal reflectors, wire sets, etc.:

1. Xenon bulb: If you look closely, you will find that the HID xenon lamp head has no filament, and there is no problem of tungsten wire being blown;

2. Electronic ballast: Using the DC voltage of the battery 12V, after a series of conversion, control, protection, boosting, frequency conversion and other actions, an instant high voltage of 23000V is generated to ignite the lamp head, and then maintain 85V after lighting. AC voltage

3. Line group: generally made of flame retardant material, by increasing the cross-sectional area of the power line, the current passing ability is improved, and the normal operation of the HID xenon lamp is ensured.

4. Hand-held casing and reflector: The hand-held casing is usually made of abs high-strength plastic. This plastic is durable and easy to carry. The metal reflector can withstand the high temperature of the xenon bulb, and it is not easy to deform or discolor.