​Light distribution curve and driving circuit

Update:26 Jan 2019

Light distribution curve and driving circuit A unique s […]

Light distribution curve and driving circuit

A unique secondary optical lens module and a "band spot" light extraction design. The length of the spot is determined by the angle of the LED light, so that the light distribution is reasonably controlled, the waste of the light is avoided, the light loss is reduced, and the band-like spots between the light poles are connected to each other, so as to meet the national standard. Various brightness indicators. Eliminates LED glare and protects LED light sources while ensuring ideal road illumination and uniformity.

Drive circuit

DC 9V—30V or mains AC 84V—264V wide voltage input drive circuit design. Accurate constant current output enables each high-power LED light source to operate at a constant rated current, with low line loss and aging coefficient, and electrical conversion efficiency ≥85%. The precise constant current output ensures the service life of the LED light source.