Another name of explosion-proof headlamp: Miniature explosion-proof headlamp

Update:26 Oct 2020

Explosion proof head lamp, also known as mini explosion […]

Explosion proof head lamp, also known as mini explosion-proof headlamp, is an important equipment in outdoor activities.
Name: explosion proof headlamp
Alternative name: Miniature explosion-proof headlamp, strong headlamp, mining headlamp, LED headlamp
Common light sources: traditional white fabric lamp, gas enhanced white fabric lamp, LED light source, light-emitting diode
Miniature explosion proof headlamp
Scope of application: provide night mobile lighting for railway, electric power, oil field, coal, metallurgy, army, public security, petrochemical enterprises and other operation sites.

1 basic information
Minitype Explosion-proof headlight
It is suitable for mobile lighting in various inflammable and explosive places as well as in power grid, factory power, oil field, chemical industry, fire protection, railway, army and other occupations.
Explosion proof sign: ex IB II cT4 protection grade: IP65

2 functional features
Led explosion proof glare headlamp
1. Humanized headband design, soft headband, good elasticity, adjustable length; 2;
3. The lighting point of lamp holder can be adjusted, and the light positioning can be completed according to the needs of field operation.
4. Humanized warning light design, when emergency occurs in the operation, press the switch to switch to the red auxiliary light to announce the distress signal to ensure safety.
5. The intelligent power display and low-voltage warning function design can query the battery power at any time; when the power is insufficient, the lamp will actively prompt for charging.
6. The light source is imported LED light source, with high luminous efficiency and a service life of 100000 hours.
7. A new generation of intrinsically safe, high-energy polymer lithium batteries are selected, which are safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
8. The charger uses intelligent chip to control charging and has multiple protection functions.