Application of emergency lighting equipment in emergency

Update:11 Jan 2021

Professional lighting emergency lighting equipment prov […]

Professional lighting emergency lighting equipment provides indispensable lighting support in response to various emergencies, social rescue, resettlement of disaster victims, power protection for major events, and power emergency disposal, aiming to reduce life and property losses and promote social harmony and stability;

  1, screwdriver

  Professional lighting emergency lighting equipment program design, daily emergency lighting equipment skills training, and environmental emergency lighting equipment research and development are all related to the role of emergency lighting equipment in emergency handling. At night in the disaster-stricken area, the entire disaster area is dark due to the damage of the power grid, and the affected people are often in high panic. Providing on-site temporary lighting at the first time can stabilize people's hearts to a greater extent, bring people a sense of security and hope, provide lighting protection for on-site rescue while stabilizing social order, and demonstrate the social responsibility of professional lighting companies.

2, the lighting characteristics of different emergency needs

  Our lighting solutions can add value in the form of auxiliary services in your emergency repair and rescue environment. The following is aimed at different emergency needs, such as social rescue, resettlement of victims, restoration of power supply, and political guarantee of power supply. Introduce in detail the solutions and advantages of Hengsheng Lighting Enterprise's lighting equipment.

3. Social rescue and resettlement of victims

   Dare to take responsibility without fear of difficulties. Light is indispensable in emergency rescue at night and is a sacred mission. Therefore, when lighting the emergency rescue site, the lighting equipment we provide requires high power, high brightness, high lifting height, and the self-generation of gasoline and diesel generators ensure long continuous use time. Such as mobile lighting towers, all-round automatic lifting work lights, and multifunctional lifting work lights.

In the rescue site, the resettlement point for the victims is a concentrated area that provides living, rest, and food for the victims on the scene. It is characterized by a large flow of people and a quiet environment after nightfall. The lamps need to be bright and battery-powered to reduce noise and Exhaust gas is harmful. We have mobile multifunctional lighting devices, portable mobile work lights, and even multifunctional mobile lighting systems that realize music playback and shouting functions to relieve the tension in the disaster area and release important information.

4. Power emergency protection

Due to the power failure in local areas caused by natural disasters, it is necessary to immediately restore the damaged local power system while rescuing and resetting the victims. The on-site lighting needs high power, high brightness, wide exposure area, and lighting equipment capable of self-generation Form to meet the needs of on-site emergency repairs. Generally, large and medium-sized lighting equipment such as mobile lighting towers and omnidirectional automatic lifting work lights are used for assistance.

   Personal equipment lighting equipment according to different inspection sites, according to different requirements of work lighting or signal lighting, you can choose a multi-functional LED working rod with concentrated floodlight, which is a flashlight or floodlight work light that can be magnetically absorbed. The signal equipment that also has the function of magnetic adsorption includes strong light explosion-proof azimuth light and double-sided azimuth light. Strong floodlight loading and unloading lamp for small area floodlighting. Portable strong light inspection work light, hand-cranked rechargeable inspection work light.

   5. Emergency lighting for major events

  Major event power protection means that in order to ensure the safe and stable use of electricity for important meetings and major events, mobile lighting towers and series of omnidirectional automatic lifting work lights are used as emergency lighting and backup power sources.

At night scenes, when lighting needs to play a role in anti-terrorism and security, mobile multifunctional lighting devices with warning flashes are used, and the multifunctional lighting system is properly installed on the roof of the car to achieve barrier-free joint command and other functions .

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