Are explosion-proof flashlights more expensive than ordinary flashlights

Update:26 Mar 2021

Explosion-proof flashlights usually need to consider th […]

Explosion-proof flashlights usually need to consider the functions of explosion-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, and drop-off. They are often designed more than ordinary flashlights, and the material specifications used are much higher than those of ordinary flashlights. In order to be able to use the flashlight safely in a flammable and explosive environment, manufacturers need to have a set of explosion-proof solutions to ensure that the explosion-proof flashlight is safe enough in the circuit and electrical design. From this point of view, the price of explosion-proof flashlights is indeed much more expensive than that of ordinary flashlights.

However, it cannot be said in general that the price of explosion-proof flashlights must be more expensive than ordinary led flashlights. Mainly depends on the material specifications, explosion-proof grade, manufacturing difficulty, etc. Generally speaking, the higher the explosion-proof level of flashlights, the greater the material procurement cost and the greater the difficulty of manufacturing. The more difficult it is for explosion-proof flashlight manufacturers to manufacture explosion-proof flashlights, and of course the more expensive the price. The price of explosion-proof flashlights that are not as high as that of explosion-proof flashlights is relatively common, and even the same as the price of ordinary glare flashlights.

Let’s look at ordinary glare flashlights. The glare flashlights used in some special scenes, such as waterproof glare flashlights that require underwater operations, do not have much explosion-proof performance requirements, but their waterproof performance is higher than ordinary flashlights, or even explosion-proof. The specifications of the flashlight are still high. This kind of ordinary flashlight that highlights a certain function is often expensive, because it needs to be redesigned for waterproof function, the materials used for waterproofing also need to find the corresponding supplier, and the test for waterproof scene also requires relevant professional equipment. Support can be completed. Some people will say that most of the explosion-proof flashlights already support the highest IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. Is there a higher level? Because explosion-proof flashlights are more concerned with explosion-proof requirements, waterproof requirements are relatively secondary, so even if they can support the highest level of waterproofing, most of them only support waterproofing below 2 meters. The waterproof performance of waterproof glare flashlights often reaches tens of meters or even hundreds of meters in water depth. This kind of required flashlights have very demanding requirements on design and materials, which makes the price of waterproof flashlights very expensive and more expensive than explosion-proof flashlights, which is normal. of.

Therefore, generally speaking, the price of explosion-proof flashlights is more expensive than ordinary flashlights, but some ordinary glare flashlights are not necessarily lower than explosion-proof flashlights due to special functional requirements. This needs to be measured from the perspective of flashlight design, material cost, and manufacturing difficulty.