Brief Introduction of CFL Lamp

Update:17 May 2019

The name "energy-saving lamp" has been widely used in l […]

The name "energy-saving lamp" has been widely used in light sources other than incandescent halogen lamps, such as the ubiquitous term "LED energy-saving lamp". The energy-saving lamp here is a compact three-primary electronic fluorescent lamp (CFL lamp for short) which is a compact fluorescent lamp with ballast.
In detail, CFL lamp is a single-ended compact energy-saving fluorescent lamp. The lamp tube, ballast and lamp head of the fluorescent lamp are closely integrated (the ballast is placed in the lamp head). They can not be disassembled except for destructive strikes, so they are called "compact" fluorescent lamps. Since no ballast is needed and the driving circuit is also in the ballast, the fluorescent lamp is also self-ballasting fluorescent lamp and internal starting fluorescent lamp. The whole lamp is directly connected to the power supply network through E27 lamp holder, which can conveniently replace the incandescent lamp directly. This kind of fluorescent lamp mostly uses rare earth element tricolor phosphor, so it has energy-saving function, so it is called "energy-saving lamp". Energy-saving lamps are smaller in size, more energy-saving than incandescent lamps, and longer in life than incandescent lamps. However, the shortcomings are also obvious: as a kind of fluorescent lamp, mercury is added to the tube. In the absence of a good recycling mechanism, the environmental pollution caused by mercury can not be ignored. In addition, the ballast used in the energy-saving lamp will produce certain electromagnetic radiation when it produces instantaneous high pressure.