Can I use the LED charging lamp after a long time

Update:13 Apr 2020

It can be used, but it needs to be charged immediately, […]

It can be used, but it needs to be charged immediately, but if the battery is not charged for a long time, its performance and life will be reduced.

I am led lamp development. In fact, there is no essential difference between LED lamps and traditional lamps. It's equivalent to a period of ordinary emergency lights. It's OK to use it. If you unplug the power light, it will go out for a while. It says that the battery is expired. The battery can be replaced, or it can be used without charging function.

Extended data:
matters needing attention:
1. Keep away from inflammables and explosives every time you charge. It is better not to charge for more than 12 hours.
2. As long as the LED lamp is wiped with a dry rag, if you accidentally encounter water, try to wipe it dry. Never wipe it with a wet rag immediately after turning on the lamp.
3. Led in the use of multiple requirements of luminous brightness and color consistency, so for the driving mode and driving premise to fully understand, only to ensure the consistency of color and brightness under the current.