Characteristics and classification of engineering lighting

Update:03 Jun 2020

Lighting plays an important role in our life. It exists […]

Lighting plays an important role in our life. It exists everywhere in our life. We can't live without it. Today we are going to understand the engineering lighting in lighting, which is divided into many kinds.

What is engineering lighting?
Engineering lighting actually refers to the use of natural light or artificial lighting to achieve a certain light environment. The main performance of engineering lighting is brightness and visual effect.
Engineering lighting classification
There are many kinds of engineering lighting, such as night scene lighting, road lighting and our specific effect of indoor lighting.

1. Lighting of night scene
Night scene lighting can include many places, such as stadium, construction site and so on. The objects of lighting include buildings, squares, places of interest and some commercial streets. In fact, the purpose of night scene lighting is to use some special lights to reshape the landscape, so that the scenery can give people a harmonious and beautiful night scene.

2. Road lighting
The road lighting is mainly for the convenience of vehicles and pedestrians at night. Street lighting can improve our traffic conditions and also ensure traffic safety. In addition, road lighting can beautify our city.
3. Indoor lighting
Lighting is an essential part of the interior, the interior lighting is mainly convenient for people's daily life, can provide a bright living environment for people. In people's life, light not only has the function of indoor lighting, but also can create the environment atmosphere.

LED lighting engineering
With the lighting engineering becoming more and more important, now the best development is led lighting engineering. This is because LED has the effect of environmental protection and its power consumption is less. LED lighting engineering application field is more and more extensive. And led in the lighting market development is very fast, I believe that there will be a good future.
LED lighting engineering features
1. Power saving
According to relevant information, LED is a kind of cold light source, which has no pollution to the environment and saves electricity compared with other light sources.
2. Environmental protection and health
Led belongs to green light source. It has good dimmability, and will not cause visual error when the color changes. And it can provide a comfortable light, but also can protect our eyes, is a healthy light source.

3. Artistic effect
At present, there are many kinds of light source effects in LED products. It not only has the function of lighting, but also increases the function of beauty. The artistic effect of lighting can make lamps and lanterns become a kind of visual art enjoyment.