China LED lighting network transforms service mode

Update:06 Aug 2021

As an important foundation for the network development […]

As an important foundation for the network development of domestic LED lighting enterprises, China LED Lighting Network will take advantage of its extensive industry representation and service as its purpose to give full play to the role of the bond between enterprises at the current stage of the in-depth integration of marketization and informatization. , To make inexhaustible efforts to build a bridge connecting my country's LED lighting industry enterprises.

Nowadays, the networked development of the market has become a trend. While expanding the mode of negotiation and cooperation between enterprises, it has also become an information platform for obtaining industry information, so that the majority of LED lighting companies can learn about domestic LEDs without leaving their homes. The development situation of the lighting industry can be adjusted according to the status quo of the enterprise itself. The growing maturity of the domestic market provides opportunities for the expansion of my country’s LED lighting industry, and at the same time stabilizes the market position of networked emerging economies. Under this situation, it will be difficult to change rapidly without speeding up the networked development of enterprises. To gain a firm foothold in the market, there is no way to talk about high economic benefits.

In order to promote the information construction of the LED lighting industry, provide solutions and technical support services, China LED Lighting Network will take information consulting services and e-commerce services as the main service models to establish influential and transactional security for the majority of LED lighting companies. Convenient e-commerce platform to promote the networked development process of the domestic LED lighting industry.