Class 3 radiator for indoor LED lighting

Update:27 Apr 2020

High thermal conductivity plastic radiator is a kind of […]

High thermal conductivity plastic radiator is a kind of all plastic radiator. Its thermal conductivity is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary plastic, up to 2-9w / MK. it has excellent heat conduction and radiation ability. It can be used as a new type of thermal insulation material for all kinds of power lamps, and can be widely used in all kinds of LED lamps of 1w-200w.
The high thermal conductivity plastic can withstand voltage up to 6000V AC, which is suitable for the use of non disconnector constant current power supply and hvled high-voltage linear constant current power supply. This kind of LED lighting fixture is easy to pass CE, TUV, UL and other strict safety inspection. Hvled adopts high voltage (VF = 35-280vdc) and low current (if = 20-60ma) working state, so the heating of hvled lamp bead plate is reduced. The high heat conduction plastic radiator adopts the traditional injection molding and extrusion machines. One time forming, high finish of finished products. Greatly improve the production efficiency, high flexibility of modeling design, can give full play to the designer's design concept. The high thermal conductivity plastic radiator is polymerized with PLA (corn starch). It is fully degradable, free of residue and chemical pollution. The production process is free of any heavy metal pollution, sewage and waste gas. It meets the requirements of global environmental protection.
The PLA molecules inside the high thermal conductivity plastic radiator are densely covered with nano level metal ions, which can move rapidly at high temperature and increase the heat radiation energy. Its activity is better than that of metal radiator. The high heat conduction plastic radiator is resistant to high temperature, 150 ℃ for five hours without rupture and deformation. With the application of high-voltage linear constant current IC driving scheme, it does not need electrolytic capacitor and large volume inductance, greatly improving the life of LED whole lamp, non isolated power scheme, high efficiency and low cost. It is especially suitable for the application of fluorescent tubes and high-power industrial and mining lamps.
The high heat conduction plastic radiator can design many precise cooling wings, which can make a lot of very thin, and have the largest expansion of the cooling area. When the cooling wing works, it automatically forms the air convection and diffusion heat, and the heat dissipation effect is good. The heat of the LED lamp bead is directly to the cooling wing through the high thermal conductive plastic, and quickly dissipates through the air convection and surface radiation.

The density of high heat conduction plastic radiator is lighter than that of aluminum. The density of aluminum is 2700kg / m3, while the density of plastic is 1420kg / m3, which is almost half of that of aluminum. Therefore, the weight of plastic radiator with the same shape is only 1 / 2 of that of aluminum. Moreover, the processing is simple, and the molding cycle can be shortened by 20-50%, which also reduces the cost power.