Common performance indicators of outdoor flashlights

Update:12 Aug 2021

Outdoor camping or hiking, lighting tools are indispens […]

Outdoor camping or hiking, lighting tools are indispensable, how to choose suitable lighting tools, so many outdoor enthusiasts have a big headache. Participating in outdoor activities, choosing a good lighting tool relationship will bring a lot of convenience to your activities.

1. Brightness. When there is no auxiliary light source outdoors, we generally choose strong flashlights or headlights, so that we can see the irradiated place more clearly, and the strong light at night will also have a certain deterrent effect on the animals in the wild.

2. Endurance. It is recommended to use 18650 batteries (large capacity). Now in order to increase the battery life of the flashlight or headlamp, an 18650 battery is added or a spare battery is provided to increase the battery life. What's more, a head with 4 18650 batteries in parallel is used. Lights, there is no problem with basic battery life. In addition to the battery, the brightness adjustment of the lamp bead is also related to the battery life. In some environments, we need low-brightness lighting to meet the demand, but in some harsh environments, we need high-brightness lighting to ensure safety. At this time, a flashlight that can adjust the brightness of the light is particularly important. It can not only help us improve the battery life, but also meet different needs.

3. Waterproof. It is inevitable to encounter rain when camping and hiking outdoors, so outdoor lighting must be waterproof, otherwise rain or flooding will cause the circuit to short-circuit and cause the circuit to go out or turn on and off, causing safety hazards in the dark. Then you must understand the waterproof performance when purchasing lighting tools. The waterproof performance is expressed by IPX. Generally, the outdoor waterproof level needs to be level 3 and above. The larger the number, the better the waterproof performance.

4. Anti-fall. Outdoor sports will cause the flashlight to fall due to various reasons. If the shell is cracked, the battery falls off or the internal circuit fails when falling, it is a very terrible thing to lose the lighting in the dark. When buying a flashlight, pay attention to whether the flashlight is tough.

In addition, in order to prevent the danger that may occur outdoors, especially at night, if you are in danger, you will wait for rescue all night, even if it is possible that nearby search and rescue personnel cannot locate it, so some outdoor bright flashlights Provide SOS flash mode, so that even in the dark, we can also send a distress signal, greatly increasing the possibility of successful rescue.