Do you need a flashlight with adjustable lighting brightness

Update:01 Jul 2021

Do you need a focusing and bright flashlight with adjus […]

Do you need a focusing and bright flashlight with adjustable brightness? The role of led flashlights is used for lighting, but with the development of the times, outdoor and tourism have become a trend, so outdoor lighting has become a hot topic of lighting. Generally, focusing and strong flashlights are used to go outdoors For activities or tourism, a focusing flashlight is needed for riding at night, and a focusing flashlight is also used for outdoor tourism and adventure. So do you need a flashlight that can adjust the brightness of the lighting when you go to participate in the outdoor or cycling?

First: One of the main advantages of the focusing flashlight is convenient for outdoor lighting, based on the fact that the original ordinary flashlight cannot be shot from a long distance. The answer to the long shot can be achieved, and it has been loved and sought after by most outdoor travel friends.

Second: The main feature of the led flashlight is small in size. The flashlight is basically a small chip encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small and very light.

Third: Low power consumption. The power consumption of the flashlight is very low. Generally speaking, the working voltage of LED is 2-3.7V. The working current is 0.02-0.03A. This means: it consumes no more than 0.1W of electricity.

Fourth: The focusing flashlight has a long service life, high brightness and low heat. Under the right current and voltage, the service life of the LED can reach more than 100,000 hours.