Does the charging LED light consume much power?

Update:14 Dec 2020

Led charging lamp, as far as the actual situation is co […]

Led charging lamp, as far as the actual situation is concerned, the effect is not very different from other products, as long as it can complete the function of other products can be completed.
Its lighting effect is relatively good, because of LED luminous characteristics, its light is brighter, of course, this is under the premise of appropriate design.
At the same time, another important feature is that the luminescence time is long and its power is slightly lower, of course, the conditions are the same.

In addition, you will hear about lobbying when you buy. In addition, there are two major features: first, energy saving; second, fast response (fast lighting);
The so-called energy saving, in fact, is not reflected in the emergency lamp. As a UPS power supply, only when the circuit is changed can the leakage current be reduced to achieve energy saving. However, under the same brightness requirements, the power of LED lights will be smaller and the endurance time will be slightly longer, but the difference is not too big.
The other is fast response, which refers to the time period from power on to light emission, which is six to ten nanoseconds faster than ordinary lamps. If it is not specially required, this feature is difficult to show in reality.

When the LED charging table lamp is running out of power, it can be recharged again. If it is not available, it can be recharged again. Please recharge the remaining power. If it is not used for a long time, it can be recharged at intervals, and it must not be placed in a humid place on the ground where it is stored.
If you need to replace the light source (light tube), be sure to refer to the specified parameters of LED charging table lamp for assembly, and do not arbitrarily change the structure. The periphery of LED charging table lamp should not contain moisture, dust and impurities. If found, clean it up in time. In the use of LED lamps and lanterns, try not to switch again and again, which will greatly shorten the service life of LED lighting.

Working principle of LED charging lamp
An electronic control board, the electronic control board includes a power supply circuit, a charging circuit, a power failure detection circuit and a power switching circuit. The AC power supply is input into the power supply circuit, and the power supply circuit converts the alternating current into direct current to provide the charging circuit, the power switching circuit and the outage detection circuit. The AC power supply also has another input into the power failure detection circuit to detect whether the AC power supply is To achieve real power failure.
The charging circuit charges the rechargeable battery, which provides power for one of the power supply switching circuits, and the other provides power for the power supply circuit. When the power failure detection circuit does not output signal to the power supply switching circuit, the power supply switching circuit directly outputs the direct current provided by the power supply circuit to the light source.
When the power-off detection circuit outputs a signal to the power switching circuit, the power switching circuit outputs DC power from the rechargeable battery to the light source; the holding space is composed of connecting the shell through the bulb head and connecting the lamp cover, which contains the electronic control panel, the battery and the light source, and are connected with each other through wires. When the power failure or power failure, led charging light bulb can still be normal lighting for more than three hours, giving full play to the power failure emergency lighting function.