Explain the relevant foundation of LED filament lamp welding

Update:07 Feb 2018

The LED filament lamp is suitable for use in the light […]

The LED filament lamp is suitable for use in the light source industry. It also performs welding processing on tungsten wire, Dumei, Kangkang, nickel tube, stainless steel and tungsten rod, and also because it has relatively stable performance, so it is widely used by consumers. Favored!

First, the use of high-inverter welding control, the entire reaction speed is very fast, and the accuracy is relatively high, and the general welding control method to compare, it is very effective to the quality of welding and welding speed Improve

Second, the welding can have single and double pulses on the output to choose from. The output of a single pulse is more conducive to improving the welding speed, while the output of the double pulse is more conducive to improving the quality of the welding.

Third, in the welding pulse output, you can choose constant current control and constant pressure control in two ways;

4. Each pulse has the functions of ramping up, changing down, welding time, welding energy and testing data.

Fifth, with a variety of welding control modes, common constant power, constant pressure and constant current, etc., can meet different shapes of welding requirements;

Six, LED filament lamp welding mode of work is also more diverse, such as continuous welding, plc control, ordinary spot welding, seam welding, seam welding and dual welding head control, etc., can effectively achieve automated welding, and large The degree of work efficiency will be improved.