High-power LED chip resolution method

Update:16 Apr 2018

In view of the chaotic market competition status of LED […]

In view of the chaotic market competition status of LED lamps and lanterns, LED floodlights prices, many businesses have adopted a vicious price reduction war, for consumers to know the LED chip time is rarely very difficult thing.

The main reason is:

1, no professional equipment

2, the purchase of finished products, there is no separate test sample

3, little understanding of the relevant knowledge of the LED chip.

First of all we come to understand the LED chip. What is LED? Simply speaking, it is a light emitting diode. In the early years, LEDs were mainly used as indicators in circuits. With the rapid changes, LED technology has become more and more mature, the use of the area has gradually expanded, LED gradually entered the lighting market, widely used in all aspects of life lighting.

What are the major LED products we touch or recognize today? LED TVs, LED displays, LED flashlights, etc. are the most common LED products. For the lighting industry, there are LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED fluorescent tubes, and LED panel lights that have only emerged in 2012.

What advantages does LED have over traditional incandescent and energy-saving lamps that make it an inevitable substitute for traditional lighting?

The main product advantages are:

(1) Energy saving and low carbon environmental protection. This is the main advantage of LED products that will replace traditional lighting. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, it saves 90% of electricity and 50% of energy-saving lamps.

(2) Variety of styles. Whether traditional incandescent lamps or traditional energy-saving lamps, or even sodium lamps and other lighting products, so far they can only stay in the shape of light bulbs and tubes. LED lamps nowadays exist in a wide variety of forms. In addition to LED bulbs and LED fluorescent tubes produced by conventional lamps, a large number of different types of lamps have been derived, including lamp strips, light strings, light strips, modules, and wall lights. , crystal lamps and other products. The big ones can be LED flood lights and landscape lights for outdoor advertising lighting, landscape engineering lighting, and small LED light strings that can be as small as green beans.