How to choose camping lights? What is the function of camping lights?

Update:17 Dec 2020

There are many things to prepare for camping, such as t […]

There are many things to prepare for camping, such as tents, sleeping bags, camping lights, food and backpacks. These items are also basic necessities, so let's learn about camping lights today.

How to choose camping lights?

First of all, from the appearance of understanding, the choice of high-quality camping lights is our first feeling of choosing camping lights. More fashionable, more retro, there are more literary. This one depends on your preference.

Shell material
Choose the material of camping lamp. The material of camping lamp is generally resin or stamping steel, light weight and easy to carry. The hand feeling is also more comfortable, it is not easy to fall down in the hand, and it will not be broken easily. When selecting, we can hold it in our hands and feel it.

There are many kinds of camping lights. Now, cold light energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are basically used. The earliest one is dry battery. The disadvantage is that more batteries should be carried and the weight is relatively large. At present, the most commonly used are rechargeable camping lights, which can be charged by car, power, solar panel, etc. they can be charged anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for energy conservation and environmental protection, and does not need to worry about the power supply, so it is widely loved. In terms of energy saving, many manufacturers have also considered that the brightness of general camping lights can be adjusted. When the minimum brightness is adjusted, some camping lights can be used for 200 + hours.

Adjustment of brightness
Some camping lights are brighter, others are milder. There are different needs in different environments and occasions. It is impossible for us to carry several types of lights with different brightness when we are outdoors, so when choosing camping lights, we can choose camping lights with adjustable brightness. For example, when walking on the road, we can turn it on a bit. If it is to adjust the atmosphere, we can adjust it to be more moderate. It's really convenient to adjust according to your own needs.

What is the function of camping lights?

Camping lights are also called tent lights. Camping lights are used to provide lighting in the camp, scare away wild animals, indicate the location of the camp, and are movable lamps. Now many camping lights can also charge mobile phones or other electrical equipment. It is very helpful for us when we are outdoors in emergency. This is equivalent to a multi-functional power bank~

When choosing camping lights, you should know more about the duration of lighting to avoid frequent charging or battery replacement.
Understand the function of camping lights. The more functions we have in outdoor camping, the greater the help.