How to choose LED projection lamp?

Update:17 Aug 2020

LED projection lamp is an indispensable part of LED out […]

LED projection lamp is an indispensable part of LED outdoor lamps. With the waterproof grade of IP65, it can fully adapt to the normal use of indoor and outdoor humidity environment. It is especially suitable for painting the color of landscape buildings, buildings, outdoor squares, landscape objects, walls and exhibits. It is very suitable for outdoor lighting of buildings, courtyards, museums, exhibits, sports grounds, squares and docks It can also be used in pavilions and pavilions, flowers and trees, parks, access roads, bridges and other landscape lighting projects.

How to choose LED projection lamp?

1 Choose cast light, must carefully identify the manufacturer. Don't be greedy and cheap. The warranty period of normal manufacturers is 2 years. In order to select the products of manufacturers with product certificates and their own patents, the product quality is guaranteed. Lucoh lamps and lanterns is a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer with national patent certificate, which is worthy of trust.

2 See if the projection light itself and its design meet your own requirements.The overall appearance is best small, light and bright, look at the major modules of the luminaire:

1. Heat dissipation design.The 6063 Aeronautical Aluminium is the best choice for heat sink materials, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a strong heat sink capacity. Watch to see if the heat sink has the appropriate thickness and surface area. Because heat is mainly dissipated from the heat sink, the heat sink is very important.The three basic modes of heat transfer technology and heat transfer of lamp housing are conduction, convection and radiation. Thermal treatment also starts from these three aspects, which are divided into transient analysis and steady-state analysis.Lighting lamps mostly use high-power LED.Currently, the light efficiency of commercial high-power LEDs is only 15%~30%, most of the remaining energy is converted to heat.If the heat can be effectively discharged, severe consequences will result.Lucoh lamps have more than 10 years of experience in heat dissipation technology. Lucoh lamps use unique modular heat dissipation technology to break through the heat dissipation bottleneck of traditional lamps.

2. Chips
Good chips are also packaged in good packaging factories.Of course, we usually can't tell the difference between a good chip and a bad one. Where is the difference between a good chip and a bad chip? The light goes on as soon as the LED light is turned on, but it slowly goes off after a long time. The difference is here, the difference is that bad chip may last a long time, but it doesn't. What do you want it to do, right?

3. Driver
LED lamps must be equipped with high-quality, high-efficiency driver power.The life of the power supply directly affects the overall life of the lamp. Consult the business about various parameters of the drive, such as output voltage and current, operating temperature, etc.

3 After-sales Services
The warranty period and technical guidance are guaranteed by the manufacturer to the merchant.This is also an important factor in choosing a spotlight.