How to repair led rechargeable flashlight

Update:18 Jun 2021

The LED rechargeable flashlight is composed of LED ligh […]

The LED rechargeable flashlight is composed of LED light source, case, battery, power switch, PCB circuit board, etc., and can be recharged and used. After the led rechargeable flashlight has been used for a period of time, there is a problem, then how to repair the led rechargeable flashlight at this time? When the LED lamp bead of your flashlight is off, but when the charging is normal, the lamp may be burned out. Just replace the led lights. Now let me briefly introduce the repair method of led rechargeable flashlight.

1. How to repair LED rechargeable flashlight battery

1. If the indicator does not light up, please replace the indicator, but please note that the positive and negative polarity cannot be reversed.

2. The lead-acid battery is damaged and cannot be charged or discharged, which means that it can only be used when the power is turned on

3. The high-voltage step-down capacitor is damaged, or the rectifier diode is damaged due to overvoltage and cannot be charged. Use an ordinary pointer multimeter to detect and solve the problem

4. The power switch cannot be opened due to poor contact or damage.

How to repair led rechargeable flashlight

Because the household voltage of Chinese residents is 220v, the voltage setting of the LED flashlight before leaving the factory is 220v. If we charge the flashlight rashly under the condition of high voltage or voltage drop, it may cause the internal circuit of the flashlight to burn down. In this case, we need to use a soldering pen to power it up. In addition, we have to use a test pencil to detect what is wrong in real time. And when the LED lamp beads of your rechargeable flashlight are not on, but when the battery is charging and the information is displayed, it is very likely that the LED lamp beads are damaged. You only need to replace the LED lamp beads to solve it.

And when our flashlight can't continue to charge, then usually the battery life of the rechargeable flashlight has expired, or it is caused by our improper operation. At this time, we must complete the rechargeable flashlight repair by replacing the rechargeable flashlight battery. When the light effect of your flashlight flickers, then the diode of the flashlight usually has a problem. A universal meter can be used to detect whether the diode is damaged, and the flashlight can be repaired by replacing the flashlight diode.