Installation location

Update:25 Sep 2018

In the decorative lighting of a building, the building […]

In the decorative lighting of a building, the building art is fully embodied with as much light as possible, with little or no uncomfortable glare. In the design of floodlighting of buildings, the light source and luminaire should be selected according to the material, smoothness and shape of the building surface. The position of the luminaire is installed as close as possible to the back of the store or the decoration, so that the luminaire avoids people's sight, but the overall lighting effect must be considered and the shadow cannot be caused. In the case where the line of sight cannot be avoided, the luminaire should not be destroyed as much as possible.

With the surrounding environment
If the same type of lighting is used for tall buildings on both sides of the city's main roads, it will give people a feeling of dullness and even dullness. So how to solve this phenomenon?
First, it is necessary to consider that the materials of the building are combined with the light source of the luminaire. The illuminance of the floodlight of the building is generally between 15 and 450 lx, and the size depends on the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflective ability of the building materials;
Second, consider the combination of the shape of the building and the color of the light source. Color lighting can be selected according to the shape of the building, creating a distinct color contrast between the front and side of the building, adding a festive atmosphere;
Third, the building's floodlighting combined with neon lighting. For the building list, floodlighting is not enough. It can also be used with neon lighting. In the lighting design of a building, some of the buildings can be decorated with neon lights. The main building can be floodlighted. Neon lights form a subjective lighting effect. Special buildings can be combined with special lighting effects to complement the building and the environment.