Introduction of ordinary fluorescent lamps

Update:11 May 2019

The long tube that we used when we were young was a flu […]

The long tube that we used when we were young was a fluorescent lamp, also called a fluorescent lamp. The conventional fluorescent lamp, that is, the low-pressure mercury lamp, is a low-pressure arc discharge source that utilizes a low-pressure mercury vapor to emit ultraviolet light after being energized, thereby causing the phosphor to emit visible light.
Ordinary fluorescent tubes are coated with halogen phosphors and filled with argon and helium-argon mixed gases. The light color is: cool white daylight fluorescent tube, warm white daylight fluorescent tube. Although the fluorescent lamp is not hot compared to the incandescent lamp, the luminous efficiency is much higher, but the two color fluorescent tubes have lower color rendering performance and the color rendering index R value is less than 40. Far less than the sun, the color rendering index R = 100 standard value. View the color of the surface of a colored object and produce a color shift. The color is greenish and grayish, and the color is dim and not bright. These two kinds of fluorescent lamps are not high-efficiency energy-saving electric light sources and do not meet the requirements of green lighting technology.