Introduction to the characteristics of led flashlight

Update:13 Oct 2021

The LED flashlight is composed of multiple diodes, and […]

The LED flashlight is composed of multiple diodes, and the color temperature is very high. It gives people a very bright visual experience, which is his characteristic. In addition, he is very energy-efficient, and a AA battery can last for more than ten hours. The other is the magnesium-aluminum alloy metal shell, which is small and exquisite in appearance, windproof, rainproof and corrosion-proof, which is very suitable for outdoor use. But the biggest shortcoming of this product is that the irradiation distance is very small, usually more than 20 meters. You can't see clearly when you are far away. The above are the shortcomings of this flashlight itself.

The following are some small factories because they see large profits and follow the production, and the price continues to drop, which causes the aluminum alloy material of the flashlight to decline, and the weight is insufficient. In addition, to cater to the mentality of many people, the current is adjusted to increase the LED. Bright. In fact, the diode of the LED flashlight is not the highest in the overall cost. It is a magnesium-aluminum alloy shell. The most important thing is weight and craftsmanship. The products produced by big factories are more formal, with more weight, and the craftsmanship is very particular.

The craftsmanship of some small factories is very rough. And the LED is to control the current, otherwise it is very easy to burn out. Therefore, the selection of LED must pay attention to the above points. In addition, the difference between LED multi-lamp and single lamp 1W, single lamp 1W is a new type of light source, which is very popular abroad. This LED is mainly a lamp with high power design. There is also a condenser. If the quality is good, it can illuminate more than 100 meters away. But the price is higher. The good ones all have drive circuits. The appearance is also very exquisite. And used metal oxide film as exterior decoration. Durable and durable. The choice of this product must depend on the craftsmanship and workmanship as well as the size of the factory. Otherwise the quality cannot be guaranteed. But the price is high.