LED outdoor lighting design considerations

Update:19 Jul 2019

The design of outdoor LED lighting should conform to th […]

The design of outdoor LED lighting should conform to the latest technical specification of outdoor lighting issued by our country and the design standard of urban road lighting.
I. Working environment
Because of the bad working environment, the LED outdoor lighting is affected by wind, rain, sunshine, ultraviolet radiation in the sun, temperature difference between day and night, dust in the air, chemical gases and other conditions, and the lamps are aged year after year by nature. The influence of these factors should be fully considered in the design.
Selection of Materials and Heat Dissipation Methods for LED Lamps
The shell and radiator are designed as a whole to solve the heating problem of LED lighting lamps. This method is better. Aluminum or aluminium alloy, copper or copper alloy, and other alloys with good thermal conductivity are generally selected. Heat dissipation includes air convection heat dissipation, strong wind cooling heat dissipation and heat pipe heat dissipation. (Jet cooling heat dissipation is similar to heat pipe heat dissipation, but the structure is more complex. )
The choice of heat dissipation mode has a direct impact on the cost of lamps and lanterns. It should be considered comprehensively, and the best scheme should be selected in conjunction with the design product.
The material selection of lampshade design is also very important. At present, transparent plexiglass and PC materials are used. The traditional lampshade is transparent glass products. What kind of material to choose is related to the product grade positioning. Generally speaking, the lampshade of outdoor lampshade is better than the traditional glass products. It is a long-life manufacture. The best choice of high-grade lamps and lanterns. The lampshade made of transparent plastics and plexiglass is better for indoor lampshade, but its life is limited for outdoor lampshade. The aging life of lampshade is shortened by outdoor sunshine, ultraviolet radiation, dust, chemical gas and temperature difference between day and night. Secondly, the pollution is not easy to clean up and the transparency of lampshade is reduced. Influencing light output.
III. Packaging of LED Chips
At present, most of the domestic LED lamps (mainly street lamps) are assembled in series and parallel with 1W LED. This method has higher thermal resistance than the advanced packaging technology and is not easy to produce high-quality lamps. Or they can be assembled with 30W, 50W or even larger modules to achieve the required power. The packaging materials of these LEDs are epoxy resin and silica gel. Hemai Optoelectronics believes that: at present, the LED industry is in a period of rapid development, in the global huge economic market, who can be good at finding business opportunities, who can grasp the lifeline of the times. E-commerce channel has the advantages of eliminating a series of high costs such as off-line channel marketing, warehousing, personnel and so on. At the same time, manufacturers can have more innovative ideas in the development of e-commerce channel.