Led rechargeable light bulb works

Update:26 Nov 2018

An electronic control board includes a power supply cir […]

An electronic control board includes a power supply circuit, a charging circuit, a power failure detecting circuit and a power switching circuit. The AC power source is input to the power circuit, and the power circuit converts the alternating current into a direct current to provide a charging circuit and a power switching. The circuit and the power-off detection circuit, the AC power source also has another input to the power-off detection circuit to detect whether the AC power source reaches a true power-off, and the charging circuit charges the rechargeable battery, and the rechargeable battery provides a power switching circuit. The power supply and the other power supply switching circuit provide the power supply circuit. When the power failure detection circuit does not output the signal to the power supply switching circuit, the power supply switching circuit directly outputs the direct current power provided by the power supply circuit to the light source;

When the power-off detection circuit outputs a signal to the power switching circuit, the power switching circuit outputs a DC power source to the light source through the rechargeable battery; the housing is formed by connecting the light bulb to the housing and then connecting the lamp cover, and the electronic control board is accommodated therein. a battery and a light source, and connected to each other via a wire;

Led rechargeable light bulb After power failure or power failure, the light bulb can still be normally illuminated for more than three hours, giving full play to the function of emergency lighting for power failure.