LED street light features

Update:01 Nov 2019

(1): LED street lamp features LED street lamp is differ […]

(1): LED street lamp features
LED street lamp is different from conventional high-pressure sodium lamp: the light source of high-power LED street lamp adopts low-voltage DC power supply, which has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response speed, high color rendering index, etc., and can be widely used in urban road lighting. Light emitting diode (LED) is an efficient solid-state light source based on semiconductor pn junction, which can emit light with weak electric energy. Under a certain positive bias voltage and current injection, the holes injected into the p region and the electrons injected into the N region diffuse to the active region and emit photons after radiation recombination, which directly converts the electric energy into light energy.
(2): advantages of LED street lamp
1: the characteristics of LED street lamp - light unidirectionality, no light diffusion, to ensure light efficiency.
2: LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, which irradiates the light of LED street lamp to the required lighting area, further improving the lighting efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
3: at present, the light source efficiency of LED street lamp has reached 120-140lm / W, and there is still a lot of room for development, with a theoretical value of 250lm / W. The luminous efficiency of HPS lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficiency of LED street lamp is better than that of high pressure sodium lamp.
4: the color rendering of LED street lamp is much higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamp is only about 23, while the color rendering index of LED street lamp is more than 75. Considering from the perspective of vision and mind, the illumination of LED street lamp can be reduced by about 20% on average compared with that of high-pressure sodium lamp. (refer to British road lighting standard)
5: the light attenuation of LED street lamp is small. One year's light failure is less than 3%, which can still meet the requirements of road use illumination after 10 years of use, while the high-pressure sodium lamp's light failure is large, which has decreased by about 30% in one year. Therefore, the design of LED street lamp can be lower than that of high pressure sodium lamp.
6: this led street lamp has automatic control and energy saving device, which can automatically adjust the power of LED street lamp in different periods. On the premise of meeting the lighting requirements, it can achieve the maximum possible power reduction in different periods of time and save power.
7: LED is a low-voltage device, the voltage driving a single LED is a safe voltage, and the power of a single LED of a series of products is 1W, so it is a more safe light-emitting body than using a high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places.
8: long service life, can use more than 50000 hours.
9: easy to install: no need to bury the cable separately and no need for ballast, so the LED lamp head can be directly installed on the original lamp pole.
10: the LED does not contain harmful metal mercury and can be recycled, unlike the high-pressure sodium lamp, which causes harm to the environment when it is scrapped.