Lighting scheme for coal industry

Update:15 Nov 2019

High quality lighting system is an important part of sa […]

High quality lighting system is an important part of safety production in industrial production enterprises. Scientific and reasonable lighting system can not only provide a bright and comfortable environment for the workplace, but also improve production efficiency and ensure the safety of production and work. However, at present, the lighting design and use of industrial enterprises in China are generally unreasonable, the use of lamps and light sources is chaotic, the illumination level of workshop is low, and the power of lamps and lanterns is too high, resulting in large load power consumption and other problems.

Some data show that when the illuminance value of a coal mine enterprise increases from 50lx to 120lx, the direct effect is: the output increases by 4.2%, and the loss rate of work decreases by 1.3%. At present, China's coal industry lighting environment is complex, lighting status is mixed, there are various problems.
I. Analysis on the current situation of coal industry lighting
1. Low light efficiency and short life
Mercury fluorescent lamp can not meet the lighting requirements of modern industrial enterprises due to its low light efficiency, short life and toxic gas. It is gradually replaced by new light source LED. Large amount of high-power mercury fluorescent lamp (200w-450w) is used on site, resulting in excessive power, low brightness, vulnerability, high maintenance cost and high maintenance cost, resulting in unnecessary waste.
2. The lamp is old and has exceeded the service life, and there is potential safety hazard
A lot of on-site lamps have been damaged, and the exposed wire ends are easy to cause potential safety hazards. The old lamps are very easy to damage the light source appliances in the lamps, thus greatly increasing the maintenance cost.

3. Unreasonable light distribution on the whole site, uneven light and many dead angles
Due to frequent replacement of lamps and lanterns on site, there are too many thread ends and unreasonable lamp distribution, which makes local lighting on site unable to reach the normal brightness level. And there are too many connection points, there are potential safety hazards.
4. Large maintenance volume and high maintenance cost
There is no after-sales service for the existing lighting system, coupled with the poor reliability of lighting quality, resulting in heavy workload of existing maintenance personnel.
5. High maintenance cost
At present, the lighting system needs to be equipped with a large number of light fittings, which takes up capital and costs high maintenance.
All of the above are the five existing "stubborn diseases" of coal industry lighting. To solve the problem of coal industry lighting, it is necessary to design a scientific, reasonable, environmental protection and energy-saving lighting transformation scheme from the following aspects.
II. Lighting design requirements of coal industry
1. Average illumination
According to the requirements of the field production of coal enterprises, the lighting system can meet the needs of the field work. Therefore, the average illuminance of the workplace is designed according to CIE standard and production process.
2. Uniformity of illumination
Uniformity refers to the ratio of low illuminance and average illuminance on the working face, which should not be lower than 0.7 according to the regulations of our country.
3. Light color and color rendering
Suitable light source can create a good working environment and improve work efficiency. Color rendering mainly considers to identify the color of mechanical equipment and processing parts, and the color of safety signs. According to the indoor work requirements, the color temperature should be more than 5000K, the color rendering should be more than 60, and the color rendering in special areas should be more than 80.

4. Selection standard of lamps in severe working environment
Due to large vibration, high temperature, many dust and strong corrosiveness, lamps and lanterns shall meet the requirements of waterproof, anti vibration, anti-corrosion and dustproof. Lamps and lanterns with good anti electric shock protection and reliable insulation performance must be selected for safety.
5. Energy conservation and environmental protection
From the point of view of energy saving and maintenance reduction: high power LED with high light efficiency and long service life should be selected as the light source.
How to design a scientific and reasonable lighting transformation plan for the coal industry is undoubtedly a challenge for lighting engineers.
According to the actual lighting situation of the coal mine enterprise, in full consideration of the lighting requirements of the main equipment and personal safety in each area, Qichen lighting engineer conducted field investigation, repeated demonstration, combined with the characteristics of lamps and lanterns, reasonably selected lamps and lanterns, designed a lighting scheme suitable for the transformation of the coal industry, which provided sufficient illumination level, good illumination uniformity and appropriate illumination The light source color table and color rendering; the selected light type has excellent IP protection characteristics and anti electric shock protection performance, to ensure the requirements of various activities of the operation system for lighting and lamps, and to provide an efficient working environment.