New LED street light features

Update:30 Mar 2018

1. Adaptive light distribution design. Reasonable contr […]

1. Adaptive light distribution design. Reasonable control of light distribution makes the light spot rectangular, ensuring ideal road brightness and uniformity, while eliminating the glare of the LED and the LED light energy utilization to the fullest, no light pollution;

2, the unique lens and lampshade integration design. The lens array simultaneously plays the role of concentrating and shielding, avoiding the waste of light and reducing the loss of light. At the same time, the weight of the product is reduced, the structure is simplified, and the product is thinner and lighter.

3, the first radiator and lamp shell integration design. Fully guaranteed the LED heat dissipation requirements and service life, fundamentally meets the LED lamp structure and any design, with the distinctive features of LED lamps;

4, unique and innovative modular design. Can be arbitrarily combined into different power and brightness requirements of the product. Each module is an independent light source and is interchangeable. Local failure does not affect the normal operation of the entire light fixture, facilitating disassembly and maintenance, saving maintenance costs, and making maintenance work very easy;

5, light and thin appearance. Effectively reduce wind resistance and weight, reduce the load on the pole, and enhance the safety factor;

6, intelligent control detection current. Each LED module is intelligently controlled. No matter what abnormal situation occurs, it can be accurate and constant current to ensure that the LED works under safe current.

7, no adverse glare. Eliminating the glare, visual fatigue and line-of-sight interference caused by poor glare of ordinary street lamps, improving the safety of driving and reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents, and fully embodying the spirit of “people-oriented science and technology”;

8, no light pollution. The light distribution is designed for road lighting, and in addition to illuminating the road itself, there is no light pollution to the surrounding environment;

9, no high pressure, do not suck dust. Eliminates the decrease in brightness caused by the blackening of the lamp shade due to high-pressure absorption of dust by ordinary street lamps;

10, no high temperature, lampshade will not be aging yellow. Eliminating the degradation of brightness and shortening of life caused by the yellowing of ordinary street lamps caused by high temperature baking lamps;

11, start without delay. Power up to normal brightness, without waiting, eliminating the long-term start-up process of traditional street lamps;

12, no flicker. The pure DC work eliminates the visual fatigue caused by the traditional street lamp stroboflash.

13, resistance to stamping, strong earthquake resistance, no ultraviolet (uv) and infrared (ir) radiation. No filaments and glass enclosures, no traditional lamp rupture, no harm to the human body, no radiation;

14, high color rendering index, good color rendering. The color is more realistic and more vivid;

15, a variety of color temperature options. Can meet the needs of different occasions on the color temperature, eliminating the sodium lamp color temperature is too low and mercury lamp color temperature caused by the hypnotic mood and depression, so that observers feel more comfortable;

16, significant energy savings. Using super bright high-power LED light source with high-efficiency power supply, saving more than 80% of electricity compared with traditional sodium lamps and mercury lamps;

17, long life of 50,000 hours or more. LED uses high reliability and advanced packaging technology - eutectic welding, fully protect the LED's long life, so that the traditional sodium lamp, mercury lamp 5 to 10 times;

18, green. Does not contain lead, tribute and other pollution elements, without any pollution to the environment;

19, the input voltage is universal. 185-264VAC full voltage range constant current, PWM cross flow technology, high efficiency, low heat, high precision constant current;

20. No pollution to the power grid. Power factor ≥ 0.9, harmonic distortion ≤ 20%, EMI in line with global indicators, reduce power loss of transmission lines and avoid high-frequency interference on the power grid pollution;

21, work under low heat and low voltage, safe and reliable. The LED junction temperature is controlled at the ideal temperature (Tj<60°C, ambient temperature Ta=25°C);

22, combined with solar energy, "the best combination." Give full play to the advantages of low-voltage LED work and energy saving and environmental protection. According to local solar energy resources, it can also combine the city power supply and solar power supply to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability for customers;

23, high luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency of the LED under the existing conditions is ≥90 lm/W. The actual efficiency of lamps is 3 times that of general fluorescent lamps, 8 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps, and 4 times that of high-pressure sodium lamps. With the rapid increase of the brightness of the LED, when the luminous efficiency reaches 160lm/w, the 400W sodium lamp will be replaced by a 100W LED lamp.