On the main classification of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns

Update:27 Jul 2020

Classification of explosion-proof lamps: 1. The explosi […]

Classification of explosion-proof lamps:
1. The explosion-proof categories, grades and temperature groups of explosion-proof lamps shall be specified in the national standards.
2. According to the explosion-proof type, it can be divided into five main types: explosion-proof, safety-increasing, positive pressure, spark-free and dust-proof. It can also be divided into other explosion-proof types and the combination or combination or special types of the above explosion-proof types.
3. Classes I, II and III can be classified according to the types of protection against electric shock.Anti-shock protection is designed to prevent explosive mixtures from being ignited by explosion-proof lamp shells that are easily accessible to parts charged, causing electric shock or conductors of different potentials to touch and produce electric sparks.
Class A I - On the basis of basic insulation, all electrically conductive parts that are easily accessible and not charged in normal operation are connected to protective grounding conductors in fixed lines.
Class B II - Use double or reinforced insulation as a safety measure, without grounding protection.
Class C III - Use a safe voltage with a valid value of not more than 50v, and no higher than this voltage will be produced.
Class D0 - rely only on basic insulation for safety protection.Most of the explosion-proof lamps are Class I, only a few are Class I I and Class I I I.For example: Full plastic explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof flashlight.
4. Classified according to the protection level of the housing: In order to protect dust, solid foreign objects and water from entering the lamp cavity, touch or accumulate on live parts, such as fire, short circuit, or damage to electrical insulation, there are a variety of housing protection methods to protect electrical insulation.The letter "IP" is followed by two numbers to indicate the protective level of the housing.The first number indicates the protection against people, solid foreign objects or dust.It is divided into 0-6 levels.Explosion-proof lamp is a kind of sealed lamp. Its dust-proof capability is at least 4 levels above. The second number indicates the water-proof capability, which is divided into 0-8 levels.
5. Classify by supporting surface material designed for lamps: Indoor explosion-proof lamps may be mounted on many surfaces belonging to common combustible materials, such as wooden walls and ceilings, which do not allow the temperature of the mounting surface of explosion-proof lamps to exceed safety values.There are two types of explosion-proof lamps according to whether they can be mounted directly on the surface of ordinary combustible materials.
One type is light fitted only on non-flammable surfaces.
The other type is the light fitted directly on the surface of ordinary combustible materials, marked with symbols.
6. They can be divided into fixed, removable and portable types according to their installation and use.