Operating desk work light is suitable for lighting of various equipment

Update:30 Dec 2020

The work lamp of operation table is suitable for local […]

The work lamp of operation table is suitable for local lighting of medium and small lathes, planers, grinders, milling machines and other equipment. The work lamp of incandescent machine tool can also be used for fitter, laboratory, maintenance and other work lighting. Purpose of halogen tungsten bulb work lamp: the light source is halogen tungsten bulb, and the work lamp of operating table is suitable for lighting of various medium and small CNC machine tools, modular machine tools, general machine tools and other equipment.
The working lamp of the operating table is suitable for data machine tool, machining center, product inspection, all kinds of ventilation, maintenance of electric wind control box, commodity display, exhibition and other places. It can meet the requirements of safe lighting in humid, acid-base, dust-proof and corrosion-resistant environment. Its service life is up to 100000 h, 10 times longer than that of traditional fluorescent tubes. LED exposure light is 75 ~ 80% better than traditional fluorescent lamp. The light source has no ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation, and can avoid the secondary pollution of mercury overflowing from lamp rupture. There is no overlapping shadow and glare.
Because it has been used on machine tools for many years, the material requirements are very strict. Generally, the machine tool work lights are designed with polycarbonate PPC cover, rubber handle and hook at the end, which are convenient to use and meet the safety standards. The charger is equipped with over-current and over-voltage protection circuit, and the charging time is 4-5 hours. The battery can be recharged more than 500 times in a cycle, and the charging time can be 9 hours.
The installation of the work lamp on the operating table is relatively simple. First, there is a screw hole in the installation position of the machine, and then the strong magnetic holder is fixed, so that the lamp holder is a strong magnet, suitable for any position of the machine; the lamp has a supporting bracket, and it is OK to fix the screw in the corresponding position of the machine.
The operating table work light is widely used in the lighting of various small and medium-sized machine tools, numerical control machine tools, experimental equipment, enclosed machine tools, modular machine tools, medical equipment, ship maintenance and equipment maintenance. Some can also be used in processing centers, commodity exhibitions and other places.