Overview of the characteristics of LED flashlights

Update:22 Dec 2021

Uniqueness: adjustable focus, the lamp head can be adju […]

Uniqueness: adjustable focus, the lamp head can be adjusted at any angle from 0 to 130 degrees, with stroboscopic function, to achieve long-distance signal transmission; magnetic adsorption and waterproof design, can float on the water; choose strong light and work according to work needs Light lighting. ​

Reliability: The entire product shell is made of high-strength bullet-proof plastic, and the back shell is made of super engineering plastic, which is resistant to strong impact, waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

Safety: It adopts integrated isolation and explosion-proof design, compact structure, dustproof and waterproof; with battery protection function, it can effectively prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging.

Energy-saving: Using high-efficiency LED light sources, compared with traditional light sources, it can save 70% energy at the same brightness.

Economical: Long-life light-emitting diodes, maintenance-free, no need to replace bulbs, and no subsequent use costs.

Environmental protection: high-performance lithium battery, green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, no memory, low self-discharge rate.

Convenience: small size, light weight, convenient and comfortable to wear, reducing user load.