Portable lifting work light

Update:08 Oct 2018

Performance characteristics 1. Lamp head function: It c […]

Performance characteristics
1. Lamp head function: It consists of two 500W high-efficiency and energy-saving Philips brand lamp holders. According to the needs of the site, each lamp head can be independently rotated up and down, left and right and large angle to achieve 360° all-round illumination; the overall illumination is far and near, the illumination brightness is high, and the range Big, Philips bulbs have a long life.
2. Irradiation range: Select 2 telescopic gas rods as the lifting adjustment mode, the maximum lifting height is 2.8 meters; turn the lamp head up and down to adjust the beam irradiation angle, the light coverage radius reaches 35-55 meters.
3, lighting time: can directly use the generator set power supply, can also be connected to 220V mains long-term lighting.
4. Adaptation place: It adopts adjustable triangle bracket, which is easy to fix, easy to retract and fit, and is suitable for various terrains. It has the characteristics of light weight, convenient carrying and wide application range.
5, customized for you: in order to meet the user's individual needs, such as the standard configuration of this product can not meet the user's work needs, we can be in the number of lamp holders, power, floodlight or spotlight type, telescopic gas lift The height is adjusted according to user requirements.
In order to meet the lighting needs of nighttime construction work in railway, electric power, public security, fire protection, municipal, bridge, tunnel and other industries, the M-SFW6140B portable lifting work light developed and produced is suitable for all kinds of large-scale construction operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling and emergency rescue. The need for large-area, high-brightness lighting at work sites such as disaster relief.