Precautions for multi-function hand-cranked flashlights

Update:17 Nov 2021

1. The plug must be inserted in place when it is insert […]

1. The plug must be inserted in place when it is inserted into the socket, otherwise the circuit will be blocked.

2. Try to use even force when cranking (keep the speed balanced). Too slow will reduce the current and prolong the charging time. Too much force and too fast may damage the transmission system; do not shake and stop, otherwise the phone will be high The state of power consumption affects the charging effect.

3. Pay attention to the posture of the hand when rotating the handle to avoid hurting your fingers and nails.

4. Do not place this product in a place with high temperature and high humidity.

5. This product may not be able to fully charge the battery of the mobile phone.

6. Strictly use the specified cable to charge the specified type of mobile phone, otherwise the mobile phone or battery board may be damaged.

7. In order to prolong the service life of the rechargeable battery, shake it at least once a month (the time is not less than 1 minute), and continue to charge it by hand.