Precautions for the use of LED flashlights

Update:25 Aug 2021

①. Do not use over-voltage, and the voltage should not […]

①. Do not use over-voltage, and the voltage should not exceed 4.2V.

②. The positive pole of the battery is facing forward, don't reverse it, even though it has reverse connection function, try not to try it as much as possible.

③. Pay attention to controlling the temperature change of the flashlight to ensure heat dissipation.

④. Strengthen precautions against the description of the flashlight on waterproofing, shockproof, etc.

⑤. The natural discharge rate of the lithium battery will release about 1% or less of its charge every day when not in use. Although it is slow, it should not be left for too long.

⑥. In use, when the brightness of the torch becomes significantly dimmed, charge it immediately. When using a lithium battery, it needs to be charged when there is one third of the electricity used, that is, the battery voltage must be charged at 3.0V. Don’t use it until there is no remaining battery capacity. Failure to charge the battery and damage it.

⑦. Non-professionals do not open the circuit board.