Precautions for the use of mine flameproof electrical equipment

Update:26 Oct 2019

Precautions for use of mine flameproof electrical equip […]

Precautions for use of mine flameproof electrical equipment:
I. the mine flameproof electrical equipment can be used in the coal mine, and its explosion-proof sign is exdi. The miner's lamp shall be installed and used with flameproof electrical products in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations and the working conditions required in the product operation manual.
II. During the acceptance, check whether the products have valid safety signs and ex factory certificates for mining products, whether the relevant information reflected in the product nameplate is consistent with the content marked in the safety sign Certificate (including product name, specification and model, safety sign number, production unit and address, etc.), and whether the supporting parts marked with safety signs have Whether effective safety signs and product safety warning boards are complete, clear and complete.
III. flameproof electrical equipment with a volume of more than 2000cm3 and shell material of cast iron shall not be used in mining working face.
IV. before entering the well, the product explosion-proof parameters shall be checked: the length of the explosion-proof surface, the roughness of the explosion-proof surface, the clearance of the explosion-proof surface (the clearance of the explosion-proof surface shall be checked and measured after the cover plate is covered or the door is closed), the electrical clearance, the creepage distance (under the most severe conditions, whether the wiring meets the requirements), the lead-in device (whether the rubber ring meets the requirements), etc., which can be put into use after meeting the requirements.
5. All products with internal and external grounding must be well grounded.
Vi. for the electrical equipment with protection function, the protection setting value shall be adjusted according to the parameters required in the product manual.
7. Before use, it is required to check whether the product protection function is normal, whether the action is flexible, whether the locking is reliable, and whether the display is correct. Only after it meets the requirements can it be put into use.
VIII. Operate according to the warning requirements such as "do not open the cover with electricity" or "open the cover after power off for XX minutes" in the product operation manual, and do not repair or remove the explosion-proof electrical equipment with electricity. (the above is for reference only)