Product classification and installation instructions of projection lamp

Update:14 Jul 2020

Classification of projection lamps Rotational symmetry […]

Classification of projection lamps
Rotational symmetry
The lamp adopts rotationally symmetric reflector, and the symmetry axis of light source with rotational symmetrical light distribution is installed along the axis of reflector. The isointensity curve of this kind of lamp is concentric. When this kind of projection lamp is illuminated by a single lamp, an oval spot is obtained on the illuminated surface, and the illumination is uneven; however, when multiple lamps are illuminated, the light spots overlap each other, which can produce satisfactory lighting effect. For example, in the stadium, hundreds of rotating symmetrical projection lamps are commonly used and installed on the tower around the stadium to obtain high illumination and high uniformity lighting effect.
Two symmetries
The equal intensity curve of this kind of projection lamp has two symmetrical planes. Most lamps are symmetrical cylindrical reflectors, and the linear light source is installed along the cylindrical axis.
A symmetry
There is only one symmetrical plane in the isointensity curve of lamps. Lamps are made of asymmetric cylindrical reflectors or symmetrical cylindrical reflectors plus grid plates limiting light.

Asymmetric form
There is no symmetry plane in the isointensity curve of this kind of lamps. It mainly adopts the mixed light lamps with different kinds of light sources with great difference in light intensity distribution and special lamps designed according to the specific lighting requirements of the use place.
Installation of projection lamp
The projection lamp can be installed and used individually, or combined with multiple lamps, and installed on the pole above 20m to form a high pole lighting device. In addition to the features of beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, reduction of lamp pole and floor area, the great advantage of this device is strong lighting function. When the light is projected from a high place, the space brightness of the environment is high, and the light coverage is large, which gives people a feeling similar to the day, so it has a higher lighting quality and visual effect.
In order to meet the minimum safety performance requirements for outdoor use, the enclosure protection grade of projection lamp shall be IP3 (open type). In order to improve the durability of lamps and reduce the workload of maintenance, people pay more and more attention to the development of airtight projection lamps with higher one-time investment cost. The enclosure protection grade is IP55.
In order to further improve the light output ratio of lamps and lanterns, the reflectors tend to adopt the block reflector which can reduce the light barrier of the light source and the multifocal reflector which can meet the special lighting requirements; the surface treatment of the reflector tends to adopt new materials and new processes to obtain a reflectance of more than 96%.
In order to lighten the lamp weight and reduce the consumption of metal materials, the shell of the lamp will develop towards the plastic shell with high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and anti-aging.