Product inspection rules

Update:29 Mar 2019

1 Inspection classification Product inspection is divid […]

1 Inspection classification
Product inspection is divided into factory inspection and type inspection.
2 Factory inspection
2.1 Each luminaire shall be qualified by the inspection department and issued a certificate of conformity before leaving the factory.
2.2 The factory inspection items are shown in Table 2. For the unqualified inspection items, the sampling should be doubled for inspection. The re-packaged delivery can only be repackaged. If the re-inspection is unqualified, the batch of products shall be unqualified; if other items are unqualified, they shall be repaired and may be delivered after passing the inspection.
3 type test
3.1 Type inspection shall be carried out in one of the following cases:
a) Trial-type identification of new or old products to the factory;
b) After formal production, if there are major changes in structure, materials and processes, which may affect product performance;
c) When the product is suspended for more than half a year, when the production is resumed;
d) When the factory inspection result is significantly different from the previous type inspection;
e) When the national quality supervision agency requests the type inspection.
3.2 The type test sample is taken from the factory-qualified varieties, and 4 pieces are taken at a time. If the photoelectric performance of the lamp has unqualified items, it is judged as unqualified. If there are unqualified items in other projects, the samples should be doubled in the same batch of products, and the unqualified items should be re-examined. If the products are still unqualified, the type inspection is unqualified.