Structure and performance characteristics of portable explosion-proof searchlight

Update:30 Aug 2019

Portable explosion-proof searchlight is widely used in […]

Portable explosion-proof searchlight is widely used in fire fighting, public security, emergency rescue and other search operation lighting scenes because of its convenient carrying and small size. Below Longfa Lighting Manufacturer for you to analyze the structural characteristics of portable explosion-proof searchlight.

1. According to the national explosion-proof standard, the highest explosion-proof grade of explosion-proof type has good explosion-proof performance and anti-static effect, and can be used in various inflammable and explosive scenarios.
2. The shell is made of 6063 aeronautical aluminium, which is impact-resistant and has high strength.
3. It has strong light, working light and stroboscopic light. It can be used as illumination and long-distance signal indication. With imported LED, it has good light efficiency and long life, with an average service life of more than 100,000 hours.
4. High-energy memoryless lithium batteries have large capacity, no pollution, excellent charge and discharge performance, low self-discharge rate, and the lamp has the functions of preventing overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit protection, which are safe and reliable.
5. It has the function of low power warning. The tail of the lamp is equipped with a power display. The 5-segment LED shows the power, which is clear and intuitive.
6. The tail of the lamp is equipped with a red azimuth signal lamp with high penetration and high visibility, which can clearly show the azimuth of the workers holding the lamp at the work site. When the lamp is stationary for 30 seconds, the tail signal lamp explodes and flashes warning.