Talk about the choice of outdoor headlights

Update:06 Feb 2021

First of all, as an outdoor headlight, it must have the […]

First of all, as an outdoor headlight, it must have the following three important performance indicators:

1. Waterproof. It is inevitable to encounter rain when camping, hiking or other night operations. Therefore, the headlights must be waterproof. Otherwise, rain or flooding will cause the circuit to short-circuit and cause the circuit to go out or turn on and off, causing safety hazards in the dark. . Then when purchasing headlights, you must see if there is a waterproof mark, and it must be greater than the waterproof level of IXP3. The larger the number, the better the waterproof performance (the waterproof level is not repeated here).

2. Fall resistance. A headlamp with good performance must have fall resistance (impact resistance). The general test method is to fall freely at a height of 2 meters without any damage. In outdoor sports, it may also be worn too loose. The phenomenon of falling due to various reasons, if the shell is cracked, the battery falls off or the internal circuit fails when falling, it is a very terrible thing to find the fallen battery in the dark, so such headlights are definitely not safe, so in When purchasing, you should also see if there is an anti-drop mark, or ask the owner of the headlight's anti-drop resistance.

3. Cold resistance, mainly for outdoor activities in northern areas and high altitude areas, especially headlights with split battery boxes. If the headlights with inferior PVC wires are used, it is likely that the wire skin will become hard due to the cold. It becomes brittle, which causes the internal core to break. I remember that when the CCTV torch climbed to Mount Everest last time, there was also a malfunction of the camera cable due to the extremely low temperature causing the connection to crack and the contact was not good. Therefore, if you want to use the outdoor head at low temperature For lamps, pay more attention to the cold-resistant design of the product.

The second is about the lighting efficiency of the headlights

1. Light source, the brightness of any lighting product is mainly determined by the light source, which is commonly known as the bulb. Generally, the most common light source in outdoor headlights is LED or xenon bulb. The main advantage of LED is energy saving and longevity, while the disadvantage is brightness. Low penetration is poor. The main advantages of xenon bulbs are long range and strong penetration, but the disadvantages are relative power consumption and short bulb life. With the rapid advancement of technology, LED technology has become more and more mature, and high-power LEDs have gradually become the mainstream. The color temperature is also close to 4000K-4500K for xenon bulbs, but the cost is relatively high.

2. Circuit design, it is meaningless to unilaterally evaluate the brightness or endurance of a lamp. The brightness of the same bulb and the same current is theoretically the same. Unless there is a problem with the optical cup or lens design, decide a head Whether the lamp saves energy depends mainly on the circuit design. The efficient circuit design reduces the power consumption, which means that the same battery with the same brightness takes longer.

3. Materials and workmanship, a high-quality headlamp must use high-quality materials. At present, most high-end headlamps use PC/ABS as the shell. The main advantage is that it is strong and impact resistant. The wall thickness of 0.8MM thickness can be strong. Inferior plastic material with a thickness of more than 1.5MM. This greatly reduces the weight of the headlamp itself, and most of the mobile phone shells use this material. In addition, the selection of the headband, the high-quality headband has good elasticity, feels comfortable, absorbs sweat and breathes, even if worn for a long time I don’t feel dizzy and uncomfortable. The brand headlamps on the market now have trademark jacquards on the headbands. Most of these headbands are selected from elegant materials. Most of the jacquards without trademarks are nylon materials, which are hard to touch and have poor elasticity. Dizzy. Generally speaking, most of the headlamps with exquisite workmanship will also pay attention to the selection of materials, so when buying headlamps, you should also look at the workmanship. Whether it is convenient to install the battery.

4. Structural design. In addition to paying attention to the above elements when choosing a headlight, it depends on whether the structure is reasonable and reliable, whether it is flexible and reliable to adjust the lighting angle up and down when wearing it on the head, whether the power switch is easy to operate and when it is put in a backpack Will it be turned on accidentally? I once had a friend hiking together, and when I took it out of my backpack when I needed to use the headlight at night, I found that the headlight was turned on. It turned out that his switch was designed at the tip like an egg. It is easy to unintentionally open the backpack when it is in the backpack because of the shaking of the backpack during exercise. When it is used at night, it is found that the battery has consumed most of the battery. This is also very important to pay attention to.