Technical standard for LED lighting fixtures

Update:06 Sep 2019

1. LED light source: in order to encapsulate LED chips […]

1. LED light source: in order to encapsulate LED chips with high brightness, high luminous efficiency and low light decay, the encapsulated gold wire / phosphor / insulating glue and other materials need to meet the requirements.
2. Driving power supply: LED is a semiconductor component that converts light energy into direct current electronics. Therefore, a stable drive needs a high-performance power driver chip. At the same time, it needs the function of power factor PU compensation to ensure power efficiency. Power supply plays a vital role in the whole lamp. At present, the quality of LED power supply is uneven in the market. Fish-dragon hybrid, good driving power supply not only ensures a stable DC supply, but also fully ensures the improvement of conversion efficiency. This parameter reflects the real energy saving of lamps and does not cause waste to the power grid.
3. Heat dissipation system with compact external structure. Excellent lamps and lanterns have not only high-grade and generous appearance, high-quality light source and power supply, but also more importantly, the rationality of the shell structure. This involves the heat dissipation of LED lamps and lanterns. As led converts light energy, a part of the energy is converted into heat.
Yes, it is necessary to emit heat into the air, so as to ensure that the LED is stable and lighted. The high temperature of the LED lamp will cause the acceleration of light decay, which will have an impact on the life of the LED lamp. It is worth mentioning that the technology of LED chip has been improved continuously, and the conversion efficiency has also been improved. The energy consumption of heat conversion will be less and the heat dissipation will be less.
The device will be thinner and cost-effective, which is conducive to the promotion of led. However, this is only a direction of technological development. At present, the heat dissipation of the shell must be focused on.
4. The lens of LED lamp is often neglected by some designers. In fact, the refraction of light will cause light loss. The lens rate also has a profound impact on the final output luminous flux. At present, the lens with better transmittance can reach more than 93. Because the lens is also an important cost, some factories want to
Cost savings and some cheap lens materials must be secondary materials, transmittance of about 70, with the naked eye will not be able to see deceiving consumers, but in fact, it is easy to test the results with practical instruments, poor material lens, long time will yellow and other bad results.