Test Procedure of LED Street Lamp Power Supply Module

Update:19 Apr 2019

The LED street lamp power supply module not only needs […]

The LED street lamp power supply module not only needs to be designed according to the above requirements, but also must undergo strict inspection procedures:
1. Control devices with constant voltage output function or constant current output function or both functions shall be inspected by GB19510.12/IEC61347-2-13 safety standard.
2. The GB19510.12/IEC61347-2-11 safety standard shall be used for the control devices which only have the functions of controlling the logical changes of LED brightness, darkness, flicker and color.
3. If a control device has both functions mentioned above, it should be inspected according to GB19510.12/IEC61347-2-13 safety standard.
Practice has proved that through scientific design and strict inspection, not only can the LED street lamp system not be harmed by lightning, but also can eliminate common mode and differential mode interference of lightning on power supply equipment.