The composition and use of LED explosion-proof flashlight

Update:12 Nov 2021

LED explosion-proof flashlight generally consists of fo […]

LED explosion-proof flashlight generally consists of four main parts: a lamp holder, tube body part, end cover part, circuit and battery accessories. The lamp holder part of the explosion-proof flashlight lamp holder is mainly used to fix the bulb and focus on the light source. Generally consists of head cover, transparent parts, cup lamp, lamp holder and lamp source.

LED explosion-proof flashlights are widely used in marine, ships, public security firefighting flashlights, border armed police and civil aviation airports, power supply departments, liquefied gas stations, oil refineries, and other flammable and explosive places to patrol, check emergency lights and spare lights, In the above-mentioned dangerous gas explosion locations, if ordinary flashlights are used to easily enter these places where the light source is, it may cause an explosion accident, causing casualties and death.

In terms of convenience and cost of use, LED explosion-proof flashlights have advantages. The brightness requirements are the brighter the better, and the range is also important. The weight and volume need to be considered. You can choose a bright and large strong flashlight. High cost performance, convenient operation, moderate brightness, convenient to charge or replace the battery, easy to maintain, and convenient to carry around. This kind of flashlight is especially suitable for working bright flashlights, finding objects or checking equipment.