The difference between good quality flashlight and poor quality

Update:25 Jun 2021

What is the difference between genuine strong light led […]

What is the difference between genuine strong light led flashlight and inferior strong light flashlight? The price of led glare flashlights ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands, and the price difference is huge. led glare flashlights have excellent anti-collision, anti-hit performance, light weight, energy saving, high brightness, and different performance glare led flashlights. It is also different, and many unscrupulous merchants fake high-end led glare flashlights, and use inferior materials to copy and sell glare flashlights. The difference between a genuine led glare flashlight and a low-quality glare flashlight is the quality problem:

1. The glare flashlight is seriously imaginary brightness: This phenomenon is the most common phenomenon in inferior led glare flashlights. The parameters of the glare flashlight are imaginary to deceive Xiaobai.

2. The heat dissipation of the strong light flashlight is worrying: no matter how the merchant brags about the heat dissipation capacity of the strong light flashlight, it cannot hide the internal hollow circuit compartment. A small pressure ring provides a tight heat dissipation method. Never dared to take out a complete product disassembly diagram. It should be noted that it does not mean that "the strong light flashlight does not feel hot after half an hour" means that it has good heat dissipation. There are many pits in the introduction of led strong light flashlights, which will fall into it if you are not careful.

3. The quality of glare flashlights: the workmanship of inferior led glare flashlights is not as good as that of genuine glare led flashlights, and the materials used are also the same. The shells of genuine led glare flashlights are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, which is extremely The anti-collision and anti-strike ability, with an attack design, can be self-defense and self-rescue, which is quite convenient, and the inferior ones can only be used for lighting, and other functions are very tasteless.

When buying led flashlights, you must look for the brand to buy it in a regular channel, so that you will not be pitted.