The difference between removable LED work lights and energy-saving lamps

Update:05 Jan 2021

The correct use of movable LED work lights is a necessa […]

The correct use of movable LED work lights is a necessary measure to extend the time limit of the product. Below we will combine the actual situation to summarize the following points of attention to the movable LED work lights, which can help you to use and maintain machine tool lamps correctly. Extend their working hours.

Pay attention to the first point: the correct installation of mobile LED work lights is a comprehensive consideration, which should include the scope of lighting, the stress condition of installation form, and the reasonable distribution of lines. If the installation is not good, the remaining progress will be inevitably affected. Pay attention to the second point: the use of environmental control, each kind of lamp to the outside world is not the same, for mobile LED work lights, try to keep in the normal temperature range, so as to give full play to its Zui effect, also suggest to reduce the unnecessary loss caused by this external factor. Note the third point: necessary cleaning, necessary cleaning is an indispensable part of the machine tool work light, which includes reasonable wiping, necessary detection of internal circuit, reasonable replacement of circuit switch, etc., which is the reasonable premise to keep the machine tool light as normal as possible.

Compared with the overall constant current, the circuit by circuit constant current has many disadvantages and high cost. But it can really protect the LED and prolong the life of the LED, so constant current is the future trend.

In addition to the difference of luminous principle, the mobile LED working lamp and energy-saving lamp also have significant differences in environmental protection, energy saving, service life and stability. Compared with energy-saving LED, it can work more easily. The energy consumption of the mobile LED working lamp is 25% of that of the energy-saving lamp. This is because the ordinary energy-saving lamp still consumes part of the electric energy into heat energy, while the mobile LED working lamp does not have this problem. The service life of mobile LED working lamp is longer. The service life of qualified LED bulb can reach 10000-20000 hours, while that of the same energy-saving lamp is between 6000-10000 hours. Mobile LED work lights are more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the essential luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps. With the growth of use time, the sealing of energy-saving lamps will appear cracks, in which Mercury will volatilize into the air, causing air pollution. The mobile LED work lamp has no such problem at all, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The performance of the movable led working lamp is much better than that of the energy-saving bulb. The influence of continuous switch caused by voltage instability on mobile LED working lights is far less than that of energy-saving lights. If the energy-saving lamp is switched on and off frequently, its service life will be greatly reduced.