The light source adopts a modular design

Update:18 Feb 2019

LED street lights will eventually choose modular instal […]

LED street lights will eventually choose modular installation and maintenance. At present, the most high-pressure sodium lamps used on the road surface, internal ballasts and other components are not easily damaged. Most of the reasons for the non-lighting are the damage of the light source. The maintenance method is only required to replace the light source.

A skilled operator can completely carry out high-level operations. However, LED street lights have many internal components. Except for the light source (chip), damage to other parts will cause the chip to be off.

Therefore, at the scene, it is impossible to immediately determine the cause of the LED street lamp damage. If the LED street light is not bright, the LED street light needs to be taken off and transported back to the factory for various tests. This way of replacing LED street lights is very cumbersome. The final version of the development of LED street lights is to develop into modularity. All the light source, electrical, etc. are replaced according to the plug, so that a skilled worker can completely judge the cause of the damage and perform on-site repair.