Three proofing led warehouse lamp replaces traditional three proofing fluorescent lamp

Update:06 Dec 2019

Led three proof lamp is a new type of LED light source. […]

Led three proof lamp is a new type of LED light source. Based on the appearance and structure of the traditional three proof lamp, the development of the product is improved. Compared with the traditional three proof lamp, the new led three proof lamp has the following advantages: energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection, long life, good color and fast response.
Three proof lamp refers to: waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosive (explosion-proof). These three anti-corrosion materials and silica gel sealing ring are used to meet the protection requirements of lamps.
The design of the new led three proof lamp is more beautiful and light. After installation, it can keep the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration without damaging the setting of lights. The light source is hidden in the interior of the building decoration, the light source is not exposed, there is no glare, and the visual effect of people is soft. Uniform.
100W 180W 236w 60W 150W 200W 0.6m 1.2m 1.5m IP65 led three proof lamp customization features:
High efficiency and energy saving, the same light efficiency, 70% energy saving than the traditional three proof lamp;
Long service life, use semiconductor chip to light up, service life is more than 50000 hours; light is healthy, light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, no light radiation;

The interior of the lamp body is made of shockproof material and shock absorption structure, which can work in various high frequency and strong vibration places for a long time;
Anti glare deep embedded structure design, effectively prevent glare;
LED light source, high quality chip, high light efficiency, high color rendering index;
The advanced heat conduction design adopts the combination of stretched aluminum and large area scattering lamp bead high conductivity aluminum base plate, which has small contact thermal resistance and high heat dissipation efficiency;
Protection class: enclosure protection class IP65,
Lighting of sports ground, stadium, high-speed railway, parking lot, etc
Lighting of square, supermarket, school and other public places
Lighting of warehouse, workshop, subway tunnel, etc