Tips for maintaining strong light flashlights

Update:25 Oct 2021

1. When the brightness of the flashlight has become wea […]

1. When the brightness of the flashlight has become weak, you need to charge the battery. Do not wait until the battery is exhausted before recharging; do not overcharge or over discharge, so as not to damage the life of the battery!

2. During overcharging, the positive and negative poles need to be opposite. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles of the battery. When the strong light flashlight is charging, the charger indicator turns from "red" to "green" to be fully charged. At this time, unplug the charger and stop charging. The battery charging time cannot be too long. Generally, 1 18650 battery needs to be charged 3-6 A clock.

3. Keep the wall of the strong light flashlight clean. Never wipe it with your hands or hard objects. When removing fingerprints on the lens or glass, use a cotton swab dipped in lens cleaner to wipe gently.

4. Avoid placing the flashlight in the sun or high temperature environment (at normal temperature). After the flashlight is not used, please take out the battery and store it in a cool and dry place. Do not keep the flashlight in contact with sunlight, water, chemicals, and turbid gases for a long time to avoid damaging the protective layer of the flashlight.

5. Do not use over-voltage, the voltage should not exceed 4.5V, the positive electrode of the battery is facing forward, and don't reverse it, otherwise it will burn the circuit board. Pay attention to the temperature change of the torch. Non-professionals should not open the circuit board.

6. If the strong light flashlight is not used for a long time, the battery should be fully stored and charged and discharged again normally in about three months to avoid chemical deterioration. Check that the threads are not loosely tightened. If the threads are not tightened, it may not be bright or slightly bright.

7. Torch aviation aluminum alloy material, the surface is anodized, anti-vibration, anti-fall, wear-resistance, but it is best not to use it to strike a more suitable material than aluminum alloy, so as not to damage the appearance of the flashlight