Two advantages of LED street lamp holder

Update:03 Aug 2020

LED street lamp holder is a traditional semiconductor l […]

LED street lamp holder is a traditional semiconductor lamp, which is a kind of solid-state cold light source relying on LED as light source. It is bred on the rapid development of modern technology. Therefore, to a certain extent, LED street lamp head supply shows more obvious use effect, not only in the conventional lighting development has higher quality, but also in the specific energy-saving realization The same type of street lamp holder should have more advantages.

1、 It can present more stable lighting requirements
High quality street lamp holder, through the use of the highest depth of LED road illumination uniformity standard, with the new urban lighting demand as the reference point, relying on the LED street lamp head itself unidirectional light source characteristics to ensure the unity of its light convergence, combined with its excellent light color rendering, and fully meet the high standard requirements of modern lighting, and compared with the traditional lighting equipment, LED road Lamp holder has a stronger sense of light magic, can better highlight the advantage of light on the significance.

2、 Better saving comprehensive use expenditure
Relying on the high-quality and durable street lamp caps, through the guarantee of the latest modern light sensing technology, it comprehensively improves the implementation of high lighting standards, and then realizes the implementation of energy-saving standards. Relying on high color rendering, it can achieve the same lighting intensity as the conventional high pressure sodium lamp on the basis of reducing the comprehensive energy consumption. On the other hand, it is undeniable that led street lamp heads adopt the latest materials, which can effectively reduce the comprehensive use cost. The above two aspects reduce the comprehensive use cost of LED street lamp cap from the side.
It is not difficult to see that in the conventional use, LED street lamp holder not only has better comprehensive lighting quality than the same intensity lighting street lamp holder, but also can better show the implementation of high cost performance ratio in the realization of comprehensive energy consumption, and truly highlight the high standard requirements of energy saving. Especially with the continuous improvement of the requirements of urban construction, only the LED lamp cap with better quality and better technology can be satisfied.