What are the advantages of explosion-proof flashlights

Update:12 Mar 2021

Nowadays, simple lighting has met civil needs, but ther […]

Nowadays, simple lighting has met civil needs, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in industrial lighting. Explosion-proof, energy-saving, sturdy and durable have become new growth demand points for industrial explosion-proof lighting. Therefore, LED explosion-proof strong light flashlights suitable for use in flammable and explosive places came into being. Why is the LED explosion-proof flashlight so popular, and where are its advantages?

1. LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight energy saving: mainstream explosion-proof flashlight has popularized LED light source, which is due to the mature cost reduction of LED technology. Secondly, LED is a cold light source, which is used for semiconductor lighting and does not pollute the environment. It is different from the traditional use of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Compared with light bulbs, the energy-saving efficiency of LED explosion-proof flashlights is more than 90%. The power consumption is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of that of fluorescent tubes. This advantage is not so obvious in indoor lighting, because home lighting is mostly alternating current, so the daily use experience is not so deep. However, in the field of outdoor mobile lighting, you can find the huge advantages of using LED light sources, and its power saving effect is very obvious.

2. The LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight is environmentally friendly and healthy: the DC-driven LED has no stroboscopic, no radiation pollution, high purity of the light source, strong color rendering, and strong luminous direction. It is a green light source; secondly, the LED flashlight has Good dimming performance, when the color temperature changes, there is basically no visual error; in addition, because the led explosion-proof flashlight is a cold light source, the heat is very small and can be safely touched; while the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp will emit huge heat when working. LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight can meet people's physiological health needs, and can protect our eyesight. One LED or two LED lamp beads are usually used in explosion-proof flashlights whose power ranges from 3-10w, but the brightness is not low. The LED explosion-proof glare flashlight is composed of multiple LEDs assembled together to become an explosion-proof glare flashlight.

3. The humanistic meaning of LED explosion-proof and strong light flashlight: It can be briefly summarized as "the relationship between man and light". "People see light as they see hope." In countless fire rescue sites or natural disaster rescue sites, when people who are dying in the ruins of deep explosions or collapsed buildings see the lights of explosion-proof flashlights or explosion-proof headlights in the hands of rescuers In an instant, the people buried in the ruins saw hope.

In recent years, LED technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, making it possible for LED explosion-proof flashlights to become popular. The design of explosion-proof flashlights is developing towards diversification, multi-scenario applications, and "shadowlessness". It is foreseeable that within 5-10 years, LED explosion-proof glare flashlights will still be the mainstream in the field of mobile explosion-proof lighting.