What are the advantages of LED explosion-proof lamps in lighting applications

Update:02 Mar 2022

LED explosion-proof lamps have low efficiency, complex […]

LED explosion-proof lamps have low efficiency, complex procedures, long time, large losses and high costs. These are the five major difficulties that hinder the upgrading of the lighting industry. Lighting manufacturers must continue to innovate. However, at the speed of the development of traditional lighting manufacturing, it has been difficult to meet the ever-increasing demand for lighting, and lighting manufacturers are facing the urgent need to upgrade the lighting industry.

And LED explosion-proof lights can just help lighting manufacturers get rid of the current predicament. The use of explosion-proof lights can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and ensure the time to market of new products. LED explosion-proof lights support the implementation of synchronous (parallel) projects and support through technological innovation. To improve the product appearance design, the cost of research and development of new products has been doubled. The rapid mold manufacturing of explosion-proof lighting can quickly realize single-piece and small batch production. amount of development.

No matter what industry it is, chemical raw materials are inseparable, but where do these raw materials come from? That is a chemical factory. The chemical factory is also a factory for short, but it is very different from ordinary factories. The raw materials produced by chemical factories are organic chemical raw materials and inorganic chemical raw materials, which are flammable, explosive and poisonous. Under the harsh environment, how should we choose the LED explosion-proof lamps used around the factory? This is also a big problem.

Product advantages:

1. The light source lines of the lamps are all covered with yellow wax tubes. This process can effectively prevent the occurrence of short-circuit obstacles of the lamps, better guarantee the quality of the lamps, and prolong the service life of the lamps;

2. The lamps are all equipped with mold foam, so that the damage to the lamps can be avoided during the transportation process and unnecessary troubles for both parties are reduced;

3. The surface spray treatment of lamps and lanterns has all undergone electrostatic spray treatment, so that the surface of the sprayed products is smooth, free of burrs, bright in appearance, and refreshing;

4. The wiring heads of the lamps are all terminal blocks, which avoids some problems that can be eliminated from leakage and short circuit.