What are the applicable scopes of LED explosion-proof flashlights

Update:08 May 2021

It is extremely important for some people with special […]

It is extremely important for some people with special needs. Among them, the LED explosion-proof flashlight is suitable for various inflammable and explosive places such as railway, electric power, military, fire fighting, expedition, field, petrochemical enterprises, underwater and other work sites to provide mobile lighting.

Fully produced in accordance with national explosion-proof standards, explosion-proof riot grade, LED riot-proof flashlight has excellent explosion-proof performance and anti-static effect, can work safely in various flammable and explosive places, using lithium ion battery pack, no memory, large capacity, long life Long, safe and stable performance, can be charged and discharged at any time.

With a high-hardness alloy shell, it can withstand strong collisions and impacts, and has a drop resistance of up to 1 meter without affecting the function; good sealing performance, can work normally under water, the appearance of the LED explosion-proof flashlight is deeply non-slip treatment, light and beautiful, and portable In addition to the hand-held method, the tail lanyard can also be used to carry it, which is simple and convenient.

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